E119 Fire Resistive Frame Solutions


Interior Window Wall Assemblies

Ceco Door is pleased to partner with Vetrotech, a Saint-Gobain company to provide the new E119 Fire Resistive Frame product offering to meet the International Building Code (IBC) for fire resistive frame requirements.

The new Ceco Door E119 Fire Resistive Frame Solutions have been tested and certified to ASTM E119, UL 263 and NFPA 251. Fire resistive frames and glazing blocks the passage of flames and unlike fire protective frames, also blocks the passage of radiant heat and thermal energy. This type of solution is required by code for transom, sidelight and fire window frames with greater than a 45 minute rating or where the glazed area exceeds 25% of the wall area.

Ceco Door Fire Resistive Frame Assemblies are tested in the same manner as other materials used to build fire rated walls. Incorporating certified E119 Fire Resistive Solutions in projects allows more glazing in walls which increases natural daylighting in the building and conforms to the IBC requirements for fire safety.