Smoke-Tech System


Smoke-Tech provides the absolute best smoke barrier protection and draft control available, and provides you with a high quality, functional, aesthetically pleasing opening. This system provides assurance of conformance to the most recent Positive Pressure  test for fire and smoke performance.

Smoke-Tech FrameEffective Smoke Seal  - Life Safety: NFPA 105 smoke and draft control; BOCA code section 1015.0 smoke enclosures: UBC sec 1005.8, openings smoke and draft control.

Fire Rated - 20 minute to 3 hour, UL or WH, meets National Fire codes; BOCA code section 717.0 fire doors; UBC section 713  fire doors, UL-10b, UL-10c, UBC-7-2 1997 "S" label.

Broad Design Selection

Doors: Flush or embossed, decorative insulated, high or low usage, 18 or 16 gauge, cold rolled or galvanized steel.


  • Custom (SQW) or Custom Drywall (DQW) 
  • 18 or 16 gauge steel  
  • Cold rolled or Galvanized steel  
  • KD or welded construction  
  • Sidelite or transom

Concealed Gasket maintains full clear opening with a  vandal-proof  gasket.

Weatherstrip Foam filled compression gasket minimizes air  infiltration, provides better, flexible seal.


  • Room to corridor 
  • Cross corridor
  • Communicating 
  • Elevator lobby 
  • Stair Enclosures Pressurized or Non-pressurized 
  • Areas of refuge
  • Temperature control

Tested in accordance with Underwriter's Laboratories Test 1784 (Air Leakage Test of Door Assemblies) as indicated by NFPA 105, to ascertain the 
infiltration rates produced when assemblies are subjected to to various positive pressures, at both ambient (75 F) and elevated (400 F) temperatures. 
The test assemblies utilized integrally gasketed, series SQW and DQW frames as well as various Ceco Door types, both label and non-label. 
For specific requirements on smoke control door assemblies, consult the lastest issues of NFPA 80, 101 and 105.