Series SQW and DQW Weather-Stripped (Kerf) Frames


Weather-Stripped (Kerf) Frame

Ceco Door SQW Weather-Stripped frames provide best draft control available (for energy efficiency), and provides you with a high quality, functional, aesthetically pleasing opening. 

  • Made to order profiles
  • Masonry, Precast and Stud application
  • Drywall application for installation Before  or after Drywall
  • 18 and 16 gauge steel
  • Kerf pocket with compression weatherstrip
  • Fire label: up to three hours (UL10B and UL10C)  
    ~ Underwriters Laboratories (Applied or Embossed) 
    ~ Warnock Hersey (Applied or Embossed) 
    ~ Factory Manual (Applied only)
  • Sizes available: 
    ~ Single rabbet (SRW and DRW)   
            3-5/8" - 6" depth 
    ~ Double rabbet (SQW and DQW) 
            5-1/2" - 9" depth