Steel Stiffened and Steel Stiffened Temp Rise Door



  • Designed for high frequency, severe traffic openings
  • 1-3/4" (44.4 mm) custom construction
  • Full height edge reinforcement channels
  • Rated for heavy-duty to maximum duty use
  • 22 gauge steel stiffeners spaced 6" apart, welded to face sheets every 5"
  • Fully welded edge seams available
  • Fiberglass insulation to limit thermal and sound transmission
  • Inverted end channels welded to both face sheets
  • 7 gauge (4.2 mm) steel hinge reinforcement

Available Options:

  • 20 gauge (.08 mm) 18 gage (1.0 mm) or 16 gauge (1.3 mm) vertical steel stiffeners
  • 12 gauge (2.3 mm) closer reinforcement
  • A60 Galvanneled or G90 galvanized steel
  • Steel end channel filler cap
  • Flush welded glass lite trim kits
  • Factory applied ColorStyle finish

Medallion 450 Fire Doors

Classified for openings rated up to 1-1/2 hours (90 minute) which have 450˚F temperature rise restrictions

A temperature rise rating is not a requirement for qualification as a labeled fire door, but, when required, doors are built to meet this criteria Ceco manufactures two types of temperature-rise rated fire doors.

Medallion 450 is a temperature-rise rated door which allows the unexposed side of the door to reach a maximum of 450˚F during the first 30 minutes of testing

Fuego is a 250˚F temperature-rise rated door which will allow the unexposed side of the door to reach a maximum of 250˚F during the first 30 minutes of testing.

Temperature-rise rated Fire Doors allow people to pass by the door safely when fire is on the other side. When an opening is required to retard the transmission of heat from one area to an adjacent area, a temperature-rise rated door is required. These doors are typically required in locations such as stairwell access doors, electrical control rooms, paint storage, etc. Temperature-rise designations indicate the maximum rise in temperature above ambient on the non-fire side of the door during the first 30 minutes of exposure in a standard fire test.

Note: Always reference the most recent edition of ANSI NFPA 80 - Fire Doors and Fire Windows

Door Performance:
CORE MATERIAL:  Steel Stiffened 
SOUND TRANSMISSION  STC 38 (18 gauge operable)

18 gauge      Level B     2,000,000 cycles 
16 gauge      Level A     4,000,000 cycles
14 gauge      Level A     1,000,000 cycles