RF Shielding Opening Solutions

Radio Frequency Shielding for Healthcare, Commercial, Industrial, and Governmental Facilities

Radio frequency shielding in a healthcare, commercial, or government application is critical in controlled environment testing. As the testing is in a contained environment, the RF shielded enclosure allows for accuracy in equipment function, procedures and results. The RF shielded enclosure prevents outside interference, thus allowing for accurate test data. Ceco Door RF Shielding Solutions help ensure sensitive and confidential information is contained.

The Ceco Door RF openings are designed to provide RFI/EMI shielding of 40db at 10khz-10ghz per ASTM E 1851-04 and IEEE Std 299-2006. All RF openings are third party certified. Conductive perimeter seals, Pemko threshold and caulk are included with each assembly.


Business Offices - Test Labs - Emergency Call Centers - Sensitive Electronic Installations - Computer Data - Processing Security Centers - Government - Military Secure Facilities - Financial Centers - RFID Scanning Areas