Hurricane Resistant Products


The State of Florida Building Code covering Windstorm (Hurricane) Resistance Products was rewritten and adopted in October, 2003. The code allows for door systems to be tested and component listed to test standards with third party certifiers such as Underwriters Laboratories and ITS -Warnock Hersey. The process is similar to the way fire doors are controlled today.

Ceco Windstorm Resistant Doors have been 3rd party tested by UL and ITS/WH certified to the following test standards:

1. ANSI A250.13
2. ASTM E330/E1886/E1996
3. PA201, PA202, PA203
4. TAS201, TAS202, TAS203

Ceco Windstorm Resistant Doors also may be classified as fire doors under UL and WH. Click on the links above right for specific information on Ceco Door Hurricane Resistant openings.

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