Flood Resistant Doors and Frames


Factory Mutual Global studies have shown that flooding costs companies an average of $2-$3 billion in losses annually worldwide making it the most costly natural hazard globally.

This dry flood proofing system is intended to be used in environments where a facility is at risk for flooding. The opening is designed and tested to keep flood water depths up to 36” from entering critical buildings and limiting interior damage. 

The Ceco Door Flood Resistant Opening has been tested to the American National Standard for Flood Abatement Equipment ANSI/FM Approvals 2510-2014 section 4.3.3. This is a passive system that can protect against flood waters at any time while closed. Flood openings should be installed in a seated position (water pressure against the pull side of the door). 


• Pump rooms
• Mechanical and electrical rooms
• Flood prone areas
• Metro transit
• Marinas
• Aquariums
• Waste water treatment