ColorStyle Factory Finish


Colorstyle doors and frames are factory prefinished commercial grade, standard or custom, designs with flat blemish-free surfaces. Style and design alternatives are available to blend with most any architectural setting.

The Ceco Door ColorStyle finish is a PPG SPECTRACRON® coating which is extremely durable and is factory applied in a controlled environment to ensure consistent and high quality results. All factory paints and application processes are in compliance with strict EPA standards both on the state and national levels.

  • ColorStyle doors and frames up to 9' tall even welded frames
  • Many standard colors in the PPG RAL Color Deck to choose from as well as custom color options
  • Superior, durable, uniform color finish
  • Bold, eye intriguing or subtle accent colors
  • Colorstyle frames in complimentary, accent or contrasting colors
  • Meets ASTM D1308-02 Chemical Resistance Testing for enhanced cleaning

Benefits of PPG Paint

Engineered to provide excellent flexibility, Spectracron 360 topcoats are two-compo­nent urethane enamels designed to resist impacts and abrasions while creating long-lasting exterior durability with excellent color and gloss retention. The ability to shrug off impacts means Ceco doors stand up better against hail, humidity, and storm debris. Meets ASTM D1308-02 Chemical Resistance Testing for enhanced cleaning. Spectracron 360 Seriestopcoats can be formulated to match any custom color you need, and are designed to maintain the desired color and gloss, even in harsh interior and exterior environments.