Electrified Doors & Frames (ElectroLynx)



  • 12 lead cable accommodates electronic locks, signs, switches and monitors
  • Color-coded lead wires have consistent functions within brands
  • Reduced installation time
  • Simplified quick connections
  • No wiring, splicing or soldering from the hinge to the door hardware
  • Simplified maintenance and repair
  • Reduced on-the-job labor costs
    ~ Generally, does not require an electrical license to install
  • Pre-wired cable running through the door simplifies and reduces installation time
  • UL labeled for use on 3-hour fire doors
  • Continuity checked at the factory to assure product functionality
  • 22 gauge multi-strand wire provides connection to source wiring
  • Compatibility with other ASSA ABLOY Group products
    ~ Universal ASSA ABLOY connector plug
  • All doors equipped with ElectroLynx bear an identification label.

Whether you're planning to use electronic hardware today, or as a future upgrade, ElectroLynx insures easy installation when it's time for installation.


Frame Options

ElectroLynx Frames
Option #1 Option #2 Option #3
  • A junction box at the middle hinge reinforcement to accomodate an electric hinge.
  • A 9" ElectroLynx cabel and connector will be supplied loose.
  • A junction box at the strike location to accomodate an electric strike.
  • A 9' ElectroLynx cable and connector will be supplied loose
  • A junction box at the middle hinge reinforcement to accommodate an electric hinge
  • A junction box at the strike location to accommodate an electric strike
  • 9' ElectroLynx cables and connectors will be supplied loose.

*Note: Conduit provided by electrical contractor

Click here to download the specifications for electrified doors and frames.