Now Get Welded 3 Piece Frames with ColorStyle



Ceco Door is pleased to announce the addition of Welded 3 Piece frames to the ColorStyle™ factory finish paint product offering. The Ceco Door ColorStyle finish is extremely durable and is factory applied in a controlled environment to ensure consistent, high quality coating. The beauty of this finish is superior to job site applied coatings.

ColorSyle Welded 3 Piece Frames

  • Maximum size available: 4’0” x 9’0” Single
  • Over 2,000 standard colors to choose from, plus custom matching is available.
  • Lower finishing cost, as factory finishing is more efficient than jobsite preparation and painting.
  • The painting process at the jobsite has been eliminated resulting in faster project completion.
  • A green solution. Compliance with LEED EQ 4.1 and 4.2 for jobsite VOC levels. HAPs (Hazardous Air Pollutants) Free.
  • Factory electrostatic painting is superior to field sprayed, rolled, or brushed on applications used at jobsites.

All factory paints and application processes are in compliance with strict State and Federal EPA standards. ANSI A250.8 (SDI 100) recommends a maximum paint gloss rating of 20% reflectance, measured using a 60° gloss meter, which should be suitable for most applications.

For more information about our 3 piece welded frames with ColorStyle, see the link to the upper right or, click here.