Ceco Sound Tech Xpress Pair Doors Now with Glazing


Ceco Door has expanded the Sound-Tech Xpress product offering to include paired openings with glass. The Sound-Tech Xpress Glazed Pairs control sound up to STC 44. The pairs can be prepped for single point latching hardware by flush-bolt and surface vertical rod by surface vertical rod hardware. They are perfect for airports, healthcare, hospitality, government/military and municipal buildings, as well as educational institutions.

Sound-Tech Xpress Systems are competitively priced and can be manufactured in 5-6 weeks. STX Systems include door, frame and approved seal systems with a certified label. All products have been successfully tested to the required ASTM standards, including ASTM E90, ASTM E1332 and ASTM E413. All STX Systems are in compliance with HMMA 865 and SDI 128 specifications. Seals and ADA compliant thresholds will be drop shipped to designated address.

Door Sizes

  • 18 gage cold rold & galvaneal steel: 8'0" x 8'0"

Hardware Preps


  • Standard 4.5 x .134
  • Heavy weight and 5" optional
  • Cam-lift hinges and offset pivots optional

Frame Configurations

  • Standard 16 or 14 gage galvaneal steel
  • 4-1/8" through 14" depths
  • Welded corners
  • Frames should be filled with flank proof material in the field.

For a complete guide to this new product offering, refer to the additional information to the upper right. you can also click here for more information about our full line of Sound-Tech Xpress products or contact your Ceco Customer Service Representative.