Ceco Doors Now with Factory Installed Glass



Ceco Door adds yet another option for its wide selection of commercial doors with Factory Installed Glass in Doors. Installation of doors at a jobsite involves coordinating many different skills and trades. Making sure everyone has the correct parts needed to complete the job within the construction schedule, is a major task.

Ceco Door offers the option of eliminating one step in the installation process. When the glass is installed at Ceco, it
eliminates the worries of coordinating the glass into the proper door at the right time. Ceco Door will make sure the proper rated glass and glazing material is used to conform to the newest building codes for both fire and safety. Installing a door with the glass installed saves time, and time equals money. Combining factory installed glass with factory prefinished ColoryStyle doors, is the perfect way to help contractors achieve tight construction schedules.

Available Glass

  • 1/4" Tempered
  • 1/4" Filmed Wire
  • Platinum F
  • Platinum L
  • FireLite® NT
  • FireLite® Plus
  • 5/8" Instulated Glass
  • 1" Insulated Glass

Available Doors

  • Regent & Omega Honeycomb Core
  • Legion & Ultra Polystyrene Core
  • Madera Polystyrene Core
  • Imperial & Versa Polyurethane Core
  • Medallion & Temp Rise Steel Stiffened Core
  • Trio & Trio-E Laminated Steel Stiffened Core

Advantages of Factory Installed Glass

  • Proper rated glass in correct doors
  • Faster completion at the jobsite
  • No need for additional skilled and/or trades to handle the door
  • The door installation process requires one less step and one less person
  • A perfect match with Ceco Door ColorStyle doors and Madera wood grain doors

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