Now Add MicroShield™ to your Ceco Doors



Ceco Door is pleased to announce MicroShield™ antimicrobial technology available for prefinished doors and frames.

Bacterial contamination is an important issue in hygiene-sensitive facilities such as hospitals, clinics, and schools. Safeguarding your building with surfaces that suppress bacteria growth between normal cleaning procedures can be an extra countermeasure in the fight against the spread of germs.

MicroShield antimicrobial technology is a silver-based resin that continuously destroys organisms in three ways - by attacking the cell wall, interrupting metabolism, and preventing reproduction.


  • Silver, the active ingredient, is an aggressive, broad-spectrum antimicrobial, even against drug resistant strains of bacteria


  • Silver is a naturally occurring, safe and non-toxic antimicrobial agent


  • The finish is EPA and NSF approved and FDA listed for use in medical
    and food preparation equipment

Long Lasting

  • Controlled release mechanism ensures continuous effectiveness. Can’t be wiped off even with aggressive chemical cleaners

Learn more about the benefits of MicroShield here or Contact your Ceco Customer Service Representative.