Ceco Performance and Conformance Standards

Physical Endurance

Measures a door assembly's ability to resist deterioration resulting from expected usage.

The Test consists of two parts:

  • Swing Test  -  (ANSI A250.4 – 2011) Door  -  Door is open and closed a prescribed number of times. Refer to Fig. #1
  • Twist Test  -  (ANSI A250.4 – 2011) Door 
    Periodically throughout the Swing Test, a 300 lb. load is applied to one of the door's corners to gauge the door's ability to resist permanent deflection. 

Fig. #1 - ANSI A-250.4 & 5 - Performance

Door Face SheetMinimum ThicknessCycle (thousands)
MSG (gage) IP (") SI (mm) 250 500 1000 2000 4000
20 .032 0.8 x x      
18 .042 1.0 x x x x  
16 .053 1.3 x x x x x
14 .067 1.6 x x x    



Measures a door assembly's ability to resist, delay, and frustrate certain burglar attacks. "Attacks" as defined by the NILECJ standard.

Test  -  ASTM F476 - Regent & Medallion doors only

High Security Level - Ceco Door assemblies conform to Classification Grade 40. Grade 40 is the highest rating available under this ASTM test method and is suitable for use in commercial buildings in high crime areas with a high incidence of semi-skilled burglary attacks.


Conformance Standards

Conformance to National and Internationally Accepted Specifications and Standards. 

When properly specified, Ceco doors and frames will conform to the document 
requirements of the nationally recognized agencies listed below; the list is not all inclusive.

04-04M Section 08110: Veterans Administration Master Specification

FEMA 320: Taking Shelter from the Storm: Building a Safe Room Inside Your House

ICC/ANSI A117.1-2003: Accessible and Usable Buildings and Facilities.

FEMA 361: Design and Construction  Guidance for Community Shelters

ANSI A250.3-07 (R2011): Test procedure and acceptance criteria for factory applied painted steel surfaces for steel doors and frames.

HMMA810: Hollow Metal Doors, NAAMM.

ANSI A250.8–2017: Recommended Specs Standard Steel Doors and Frames,SDI-100.

HMMA820: Hollow Metal Frames, NAAMM.

ANSI A250.10-(R2011): Test procedure and acceptance criteria for prime painted surfaces for steel doors and frames

HMMA 860-13: Hollow Metal Doors and Frames, NAAMM.

ANSI A250.13: Testing and rating of severe windstorm resistant components for swinging door assemblies

International Building Code  (IBC)

HMMA 861-14: Commercial Hollow Metal Doors and frames

International Building Code  (IBC)

ANSI/NAAMM HMMA863-98: Guide Specification for Detention Security Hollow Metal Doors and Frames

NASA-08110-04: National Aeronautics and Space Administration

HMMA 865-13:  Guide Specifications for Swinging Sound Control Doors and Frames

NBR 11742: Fire Test of Door Assemblies (Brazil)

ANSI/NAAMM HMMA866-12:  Guide Specifications for Stainless Streel Hollow Metal Doors and Frames


ANSI A115: Standard Specs. For Door and Frame Hardware Preparation

Florida Building Code, 2017 Edition.

ANSI A156.7: Standard Template Hinge Dimension.

SDI 113-13: Standard practice for determining the steady state thermal transmittance of steel doors and frames.

ANSI/NFPA 101: Life Safety Code

SDI 117-19: Manufacturing tolerances for standard steel doors and frames.

ANSI/NFPA 105: Installation of Smoke and Draft Control Assemblies.

SDI 128-19: Guidelines for acoustical performance of standard steel doors and frames.

ANSI/NFPA 80: Fire Doors and Windows.

SS 332: Fire Test of Door Assemblies (Singapore)

ANSI/NFPA 252: Standard Methods of Tests of  Door Assemblies.

UL1784: Air Leakage Tests of Door Assemblies

ANSI/NFPA 257: Fire test of Window Assemblies.

UL10B: Fire test of Door Assemblies

BS 476 Parts 20 & 22-'87: Fire test on Bldg. Mtls. and Structures (British)

UL305: Standard for Panic Hardware.

CAN/ULC-S104: National Standard of Canada standard method of fire tests of door assemblies

UL752: Bullet Resistant Equipment.

CEGS-08110: Steel Doors and Frames — Corps of Engineers Guide Specification

UL9: Fire test of Window Assemblies.

CFR Title 46: US Coast Guard Requirement.

 UFGS-08110: Steel Doors and Frames United Facilities Guide Specification

UL10C: Standard for Positive Pressure Fire Tests of Door Assemblies

ICC 500 – 2014: Standard and Commentary ICC/NSSA Standard for the Design and Construction of Storm Shelters



Compliance Certificates

Ceco Door ISO 14001 Certificate