Ceco Door History

What began over 100 years ago as the dream of a mechanical engineer has grown into the world's leading manufacturer of steel doors and frames for commercial, industrial and institutional construction. 

In 1912, Ceco was the idea of 26-year-old C. Louis Meyer, a mechanical engineering graduate of the University of Nebraska. Meyer founded what would be called the Concrete Engineering Company and its home was Omaha, Nebraska.

Meyer's company began revolutionizing the process of reinforcing concrete, which in itself was a new procedure back then. It led to the company developing reusable concrete forms, and Concrete Engineering Company entered the steel fabricating business.

Ceco Early Door Fabrication

Ceco began manufacturing steel doors in 1953. Over the next several years building trends changed. With the arrival of air conditioning, building designs began including more doors and fewer windows. In the 1960s Ceco would introduce the design of honeycomb-core steel doors and doors in various colors. The product line has continued to grow to include standard, fire rated and specialty doors and finishes. Ceco's line also includes standard, custom and specialty frames.

Today Ceco doors and frames are produced in: Milan TN, Mason City IA and Valle Hermosa MX. More than 700 authorized distributors in 15 countries market our company's products.