ColorStyle Factory Finish

Colorstyle doors and frames are factory prefinished commercial grade, standard or custom, designs with flat blemish-free surfaces. Style and design alternatives are available to blend with most any architectural setting.

  • ColorStyle doors and frames up to 9' tall
  • Over 2,000 colors to choose from
  • Superior, durable, uniform color finish
  • Bold, eye intriguing or subtle accent colors
  • Colorstyle frames in complimentary, accent or contrasting  colors
  • Aesthetically pleasing designs

To search for Pantone colors click here*
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*All Pantone numbers used for Ceco products must be selected from the Paints + Interiors Color Guide. The Pantone color match will be of  a commercially acceptable nature due to colors being subject to the limitations of the web browser software utilized for viewing and ink on paper in the Pantone paper color guide. Doors and frames are finish painted to a gloss of 20 degrees plus/minus 5 degrees as measured on a 60 degree meter.