Insulated Polystyrene Foam Core Doors from Ceco Door

Insulated Polystyrene Foam Core Doors


  • 1-3/4" (44.4 mm) insulated full flush design - rated for light to extra-heavy-duty use.
  • Polystyrene core provides insulation characteristics and resistance to impact
  • Core is chemically bonded to face sheets providing total surface support
  • Mechanically interlocked, hemmed vertical edges or stitch-welded seamless edge for added strength and rigidity
  • 7 gage (4.2 mm) steel hinge reinforcements
  • Inverted end channels welded to both face sheets for added stiffness.
  • High recycled steel content for LEED points up to 57.1% 

Available Options:

  • 14 gage (1.7 mm) closer reinforcement channel
  • A60 Galvannealed or G90 galvanized Steel
  • Textured pattern steel
  • Steel end channel filler cap
  • Stitch welded or epoxy filled seamless edge design
  • Beveled or flush welded glass light trim
  • Factory installed insulated glazing
  • Embossed panel designs 
  • Factory applied ColorStyle® finish



  • Door is handed at factory as specified
  • Lock edge beveled 1/8" in 2"  (1:16)
  • For 4-1/2" (114.3 mm) or 5" (127.0 mm) standard or heavy-weight, full mortise hinges
  • For cylindrical or mortise locks and other standard template hardware



  • Door is handed at the time of installation
  • Square lock edge
  • For 4-1/2" (114.3 mm) standard or heavy-weight, full mortise hinges
  • For cylindrical or mortise locks and other standard template hardware
  • Embossed panel designs optional


Core material: Polystyrene

Thermal Characteristics:

  • U Factor: Calculated Value of 0.157 (ASTMC518)
  • R Factor: Calculated Value of 6.35 (ASTMC518)

Sound Transmission: STC 23 (18 Gauge operable)

Physical Endurance:

  • 20 Gauge     Level C       500.000 cycles
  • 18 Gauge     Level B    1,000,000 cycles
  • 16 Gauge     Level A    1,000,000 cycles


Legion and UltraDor Fire Doors

Legion and UltraDor Fire Doors. Polystyrene core. UL, or WH label. Classified for openings rated at up to three hours (Class A,B,C,D,E, and 20 minute) which have no temperature rise restrictions. See tech data manual for sizing. 

Maximum Size (See tech manual for fire rated sizing)  

20 Gauge:

  • 4'0"x8'0" single
  • 8'0"x9'0" pair

18 Gauge:

  • 4'0"x9'0" single
  • 8'0"x9'0" pair

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